What should I look for in a tutor?


EXPERIENCE:  An ACT Tutor should have experience taking the ACT Test.  This test is very different than the typical tests students take and is time-restricted.  This is frustrating for most students and parents!  An ACT tutor should personally take the ACT test every year. 


GOOD COMMUNICATION:  Make sure your student has a good rapport with the tutor.  Learning can - and should - be FUN!  A tutor should find out what the student is interested in, discover their strengths and weaknesses, and be able to provide instruction that engages and makes learning FUN!  Additionally, a tutor should be open to your feedback and be available to the student, parents, and teachers.  


Parents + Teachers + Tutors = A Great Support System!  


FLEXIBILITY:  A tutor who truly cares about your student's progress will try to be available for out-of-class questions. 


CREATIVITY:  No student learns in the same way or at the same speed, so matching ability with progress is important.  The student should be challenged, not frustrated. 


PERSONALITY:  A tutor will not only instruct on the inner workings of a particular subject; they will also motivate and inspire students. They should be able to adapt the lessons to meet each student's level and needs.  A good sense of humor is always a plus - sessions can be as fun as they are informative.


POSITIVE ATTITUDE:  Part of a tutor's job is to encourage students.  Every person has a different set of strengths and weaknesses.  A tutor will boost student's confidence and help them overcome their challenges.  Every tutoring session should end on a positive note.  


REFERENCES:  A  tutor will be able to provide you with references of past students and their parents.



Are your tutors qualified?


Yes!  We have been tutoring students in grades K-12 for over 10 years and have extensive backgrounds in teaching, mentoring, and tutoring.  We enjoy getting to know each student and we customize every session to meet each student's unique needs.  


We have taken the ACT test over 20 times and we take 3 new ACT Tests each year!  We know how the test works, the tricks they use, and have developed strategies to beat those tricks!  



What is our goal?


Our Programs are designed to help students succeed!  Our goal is to take the stress out of schoolwork for both the student and the parent, so they have more time to spend together and doing things they ENJOY!  



Less Stress + More Confidence = Higher Grades and Test Scores = Happy Student / Parents / Teachers




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